Everyday UR Way Cleaning, LLC
"Big or Small, We Do it All!"
  1. Kitchens
    Per your instructions, we will clean your microwave, fridge, cabinets, window sills, doors, you name it we'll clean it. We have a carefully worded instructions list for all of our procedures, so you can be sure you're in good hands.
  2. Bathrooms
    Our incredibly detailed bathroom cleaning process will have your bathrooms looking like the day you moved in.
  3. Utility Rooms
    Sometimes, the utility room can dirty up right under your nose, even when unoccupied. Our extensive process will clean out your utility room with little to no hassle.
  4. Dusting + Trash
    Starting with the Master Bedroom (As most of our process does), we collect the trash, continuing throughout the house, dusting and gathering along the way. Your ceilings, blinds, fans will look brand new.
  5. Vacuuming
    We believe in our attention to detail, and vacuuming isn't excluded from this. We start by vacuuming the house thoroughly, following through a second time with an upright vacuum. Your carpets will look spotless.

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